Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Barbell Complex: Workouts That Will Get You Looking Lean And Muscular

It is sometimes complicated to imagine barbell exercise routine as anything but the typical type of barbell workout consisting of: bench presses, squats, and deadlifts. Most of these work outs are a part of a good muscle mass building groundwork. However, should you actually want to take your muscle building as well as fat loss towards a totally new intensity level you could get creative and make use of a barbell complex work out routine.

Classic muscle building is made up of utilizing barbells using a compound movement. After you complete just one set you relax for a period of time, get back your energy and proceed to complete the following set.

Most of these workouts are fantastic nevertheless you will discover limitations with a normal barbell workout. Barbell workout routines will only provide you with the benefit of bulking up without the added benefit of burning excess fat. Although putting on size is often a goal, most guys desire to remain as trim as is possible.

Shedding Fat In A Conventional Method

So the
old-fashioned way of burning fat was through using aerobic exercise. I could basically reckon that you dislike performing cardio. Getting on the treadmill machine, running for an hour, then huffing and puffing, isn't your preferred (or my personal favorite) method of shedding fat.

The advice offered by a trainer went similar to this:

Do some type of aerobic exercise for 30 to 60 minutes on days you aren't doing weight training exercises.

Perform your cardio once you complete your weight training.
Each piece of advice is effective to a certain extent. Cardio is effective in burning fat whether you choose to do this on the same day as the resistance training or on separate days.

Why not knock 2 birds using 1 stone and obtain the benefits of cardiovascular exercise while at the same time performing strength training?

The True Secret to Using Getting Lean

Long dull cardio exercise won't give you an athletic looking physique. Should you extend sessions on the home treadmill or even carry out lengthy runs you will end up looking like some marathon runner. However, getting strong looking legs is all about working on exercises which help your fast twitch muscles.

So that you can develop your fast twitch muscle you should use 2 techniques:
  • Make use of high intensity intervals with your cardiovascular exercise training
  • Execute lifting weights routines utilizing compound exercises within an explosive method.
Personally, I utilize the 2nd option, in particular when I can use workout that provide me both the body building component along with a fat reducing benefit.

Barbell Complex

While the title may suggest that the barbell complex can be a work out composed of difficult workouts it really is quite contrary.

These types of workouts are simple to perform and most of the exercises are almost certainly familiar to the majority of novices to more advanced level fitness buffs.

All these types of exercises consist of choosing a group of compound physical exercises similar to leg squats, deadlifts,pressing type exercises along with a pulling exercises, all these exercises are performed in succession and voila, you have a barbell complex.

Here's an example:

Deadlifts (
10 reps)
Barbell Rows (
10 reps)
Upright Row (
10 repetitions)
Barbell Shoulder Press (
10 repetitions)
Squats (10 reps)

Shift from one exercise to another with out putting your weight/ barbell down. You do not relax between exercises unless you complete the last workout inside the series.

Finishing the entire sequence counts as one set. Relax for just one minute and repeat the combination of exercises once again.

This can be achieved for 2 to 3 sets total and carry out this particular work out once or twice a week on non consecutive days.

This kind of workout is difficult and can have you with your heart racing along with breathing intensely however, you will discover that a barbell complex work out gives you the benefits of a weight training exercise routine along with cardio without jogging for long and extended periods.

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